About Us

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Our History

Panel Source has been working on renewable energy for a long time. The company aims to supply and install high-quality solar modules to reduce environmental pollution and fuel expenditure. The company’s work is not limited to providing solar energy to homes only, but includes institutions and mega projects such as hospitals, schools, and residential complexes.

Through its years of operation, Panel Source has been able to deal with many institutions, small and medium-sized, big companies, individuals, homeowners and many others.

Our Specialty

Panel Source specializes in the manufacture of solar water heating systems based on vacuum pipe technology. This new generation of solar collectors is the latest scientific breakthrough in solar water heaters.

Our goal

Panel Source seeks to provide modern technology to transform solar energy into electrical energy used to illuminate homes and institutions. The company provides these new technologies at an affordable rate – speak to one of our advisors about our payment facilities.

Panel Source has established a factory to produce solar water heaters for the development of environmentally friendly solar energy systems. So far, the company has installed a lot of solar power plants in many places and is looking to open up new markets worldwide.

Panel Source recognizes the need for environmentally-friendly products and technologies. And therefore, seeks to provide the market needs of innovative products and sustainable solutions for the production of solar energy. The company offers a wide range of high-quality solar energy products and other renewable energy systems targeting the commercial, private, industrial and household sectors

Our Services

The company’s products and components will be used to generate solar and wind power to generate hot water and energy for private homes, businesses, hotels, and schools around them.

Be sure to contact us for all your solar panel questions – one of our expert advisors are only a click of a button away.