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10 Brilliant and Affordable Ways to Decorate your Home

Houses require constant cleaning and maintenance. A lack of maintenance can make homes an unsafe and unhygienic environment.

Houses are homes – a space where inhabitants should feel relaxed. A house is made a home by way of decorating and arranging furniture in such a way that it is aesthetically pleasing for both inhabitants and guests.

This can be done in simple, inexpensive ways, which we will talk about in this article.

21 - 10 Brilliant and Affordable Ways to Decorate your Home

10 Affordable Ideas to Decorate the Home

Let’s jump right in and discover some of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your home a bit of a facelift, without breaking the bank!

1. Let there be Light

Spruce things up a bit by buying a new lampshade for an old lamp – make it bold and different and your space will immediately feel and look like a million bucks.

2. Play With Wall Paint

If you want to shake thing up and take it up a notch, you can easily install a chair rail, and paint the two parts of your wall two different shades of the same color.

3. Warm Welcome

Paint your front door to lift things up a bit from the outside – and don’t be shy to use fresh and bold colors either. Make an impression with something like olive green or cherry red.

4. Repurpose Crates

Need some space for books or shoes? Use old crates to make a bookshelf or storage space. Not only will this add some drama, but it will definitely throw some character into your space.

5. Paint and Pucker Up

A new coat of paint, in any color, is bound to liven things up a bit and will definitely not break the bank.

6. Collecting Antiques

If you have a collection of old frames, tins, or signs, be sure to put them to use. Make a statement wall or space in the kitchen by boldly displaying these items tastefully.

7. Make Your Own Wallpaper

Why buy when you can make? If you have a bit of an artistic streak, simply make your own stencil and paint a beautifully decorated wall.

8. Herbs and Spice

Put a few refreshingly aromatic plants, such as basil and mint in a container, and leave it on the kitchen’s window sill. This will give the kitchen a fresh and inviting scent.

9. Make a Tray

If you have an old mirror laying around, and you are not really using it, why not make a tray by putting it in a frame and adding some felt backing to the bottom?

10. Make a New Welcome Mat

Obviously to go with your newly painted front door! By simply painting your old sisal welcome mat with a quirky welcome note, you are sure to feel at home upon arrival.

We trust that you have found our top tips on affordable ways to decorate your living space. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to make some minor changes in and around the house, and a bit of DIY can go a long way!


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