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7 Benefits of Indoor Plants You Didn’t Know About

Many houses are decorated with many different forms of plants and trees, their presence on the entrances and balconies increases the beauty of the place and gives it a loving flair for the human soul. Wait ’til you see the lawrenceville tree I recently purchased from a friend’s referral. And I had it installed on the front door. It actually looks like the house embraces you with its comforting arms (through the trees) upon entering.

The plants cannot be considered just a green space or home decoration; they have many other functions that would improve the quality of human life, it has the ability to improve its sensory and mental functions. In this article, we will focus on the physiological and psychological benefits of home plants.

The 7 Benefits of Indoor Plants

1. Reduces Carbon Dioxide Levels

Plants absorb the carbon dioxide released by humans when they breathe, and the oxygen that is essential in the breathing process is released, so it is recommended to decorate the house and surroundings with different types of indoor plants.

2. Water production

The plant’s respiration and photosynthesis processes produce some particles of water vapor, which helps to increase air humidity in the surrounding areas. Doctors recommend increasing the number of home plants; they play an important role in maintaining the health of the respiratory system and reducing dryness of the skin.

3. Air Purification

Home plants can purify atmospheric air as a result of their ability to absorb the toxins present in volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, vinyl, and cigarette smoke, materials from the decomposition of nylon bags, as well as benzene and chlorine, which are found in fibers, industrial, ink, solvents, and paint materials.

4. Improving human health

Studies and scientific research have shown that the placement of plants in hospital rooms helps to speed up the recovery of patients with surgical operations and that their presence in staff offices reduces employees’ fatigue and increases their productivity and reduces the chances of headaches and flu symptoms.

5. Increased concentration rates

One study in England showed that the concentration of students increased by at least 70 percent when the classroom had some plants, and attendance was higher than those without any type of plant.

6. Enhancing the sense of happiness

The presence of plants in the human environment reduces the feeling of tension and anxiety and increases the sense of calmness, which affects positively on his mood and self-confidence.

7. Treatment of many diseases

Plants are reliable sources of first aid for many health conditions and diseases. For example, Aloe Vera is used to treating burns from the upper echelons. Saivite and snail plants help to treat the effects of bruising and sprains. Healing wounds, and the importance of chamomile in calming the stomach disorders.

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