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3 Interesting Facts and Uses of Melamine Particleboards

Melamine is made of a high-temperature resistant material and is used in formaldehyde and then combined with high resistance material. The product is usually used to cover certain building materials such as plywood. In a nutshell, the product is “an organic compound that when combined with formaldehyde forms a durable thermosetting plastic.”

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There are the many uses of melamine particleboards:

  1. Manufacturing of Furniture
  2. Manufacturing of Cabinets
  3. Flooring Solutions

How to Make Melamine Particleboard

41 - 3 Interesting Facts and Uses of Melamine Particleboards

It is made of formaldehyde material and melamine compact wood industry or also thin wood (chips) as used in the paper and textile industries.

The use of melamine wood is preferred in homes, especially kitchens. The use of melamine wood is more practical than other types of wood because it facilitates the process of cleaning and at the same time it is more affordable than other types of wood.

But melamine is also versatile and has different colors to add a touch of vitality and beauty to modern kitchens.

Melamine hardboard is also used for manufacturing cupboards in other areas of the house. Even though it is not advisable to use this type of board in damp areas, you do get a higher quality particleboard that can be used in the bathroom too.

Melamine-coated wood

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It is also a product that is widespread in many uses. It is found in the home from bedrooms, kitchens, and more often, offices. Melamine-clad materials are used and visible in installations all around us.

33 - 3 Interesting Facts and Uses of Melamine Particleboards

With the development and advancement of technology, clever ideas emerged for each era and with the use of modern digital technology, we are now able to use modern advanced techniques and methods to produced melamine particleboards and other wood products. The melamine surface is identical to the look of natural wood – with a wide variety of different designs available, you can choose what your cupboard or surface should look like.

Whether you want it to be a plain color or have a faux wood look, the choice is yours. Melamine is considered to be a smart solution due to its relatively low cost compared to some other products that are made by the manufacturing of other materials. Melamine particleboard is definitely the way to go if you are looking at cutting down costs while maintaining a distinct design in your home.

We trust that our guide on melamine particleboard has been interesting and that you are ready to build your own melamine particleboard furniture.

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