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3 Types and Features of Medium Density Fibreboard You Should Know About

Purekor is a registered trademark of Panel Source International that includes all of the forest products. Like MDF, Plywood, OSB, Lumber, Timbers, Melamine, Hardwood Plywood. In this article, we are going to give all the information you need about MDF that you can use to decorate your home.

Definition of MDF:

MDF is medium density wood made from natural wood chopped from logs such as Casuarina, camphor, beech, and other perennial logs.

Method of manufacture:

Firstly, it is chopped from logs such as Casuarina, camphor, beech and other perennial tree trunks, and is then bonded with adhesive chemicals for industrial treatment based on formaldehyde resins and then pressed in mechanical presses under different pressures and temperatures to suit the desired purposes.

There are 3 Different Types of MDF

1. MR MDF (Moisture MDF):

Moisture MDF is a special type of MDF treated with certain materials added during manufacture to gain moisture and water resistance and increase stability.

This type of MDF is used for many purposes and industries such as kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture that are exposed to difficult weather factors such as hotel and beach furniture.


This type of MDF is covered with a layer of melamine on one or two sides. This provides a hard surface that is scratch resistant and preserves wood for long periods of time and is used for many purposes requiring long durability such as kitchens surfaces, cupboards, and various vertical surfaces.


This type of MDF is a special type that is treated with special treatments and painted. It is one of the models of good semi-finished wood and is characterized by gray on both sides or one face according to the required uses and provides high stability.

This semi-finished timber is an economical option for all purposes of the processing and repair of modern houses, buildings and commercial buildings as it is quick to install and use.

Best Features:

  1. Easy to configure and operate without losing cohesion.
  2. Accepts all types of paints and paste the crust (melamine or Formica or mahogany or wood and other).
  3. It is not affected by water since the increase does not exceed 6% of the original finish in the period of immersion in water for two hours.
  4. Used for all purposes where natural wood is used, especially if covered with melamine, Formica, mahogany, or other wood.

We trust that you have found our article discussing the different types and uses of medium-density fibreboard informative and that you will consider using it for your construction needs in the near future.

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