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Now Is the Time for You to Know the Truth about Wind Turbines

Winds are a source of renewable sources of renewable energy. Therefore, man has manufactured tools and means to benefit from wind energy, mainly converting wind energy into electric energy. It relies on transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy using giant generators with giant fins. Wind energy was used in ancient times. Several forms are used to run sailboats, used in the age of technology, for our time to move turbine fins to produce energy.

How wind power turns into electric energy?

Turbines are used to take advantage of wind energy and convert it into electrical energy, including a small-sized wind turbine. It is used to charge a battery or a lamp, including a large wind turbine used to produce energy. Electric power, a field of energy can be used to run factories or provide the energy needed to illuminate an entire city.

Principle of the work of turbines

There are several types of turbines, some of which resemble the sail of the ship, including the egg whip, the most widespread and able to generate energy is the form of giant fan up to the surface of the earth to 110 meters, consisting mainly of two or three fins, Of which about 10 meters, and the generator of electricity to convert mechanical power to electricity, maintenance station and storage of energy, in addition to the system of protection and security, the estimated production of these turbines of energy is about 500-1300 MW, and the larger the size of the turbine increased the more volume of energy is produced.

When the wind blows, or the air is blowing, the turbine fins start to move, and in turn, the turbine fins spin the motor connected to it, generating a quantity of electrical energy proportional to the speed and force of the wind. There is wind speed and direction measuring devices and an electric motor that moves the fins to make maximum use of wind the energy of the resulting carbon is saved in batteries. However, as the wind intensifies, more electrical energy is generated, but the turbine contains a break, which controls the movement of fins in extreme wind intensities and stops them completely in storms.

Home Wind-turbines

There are turbines similar to wind turbines, but they are based on hydropower. They are located in the waterfalls and riverbeds. They were the first form of the turbine. They were used for water transport, and grain milling. The Greeks used it about 100 years ago. Its first appearance was in Persia in the seventh century AD.

Wind-turbines is commonly known to be found in wind farms, but you know, you can install a small turbine on your home to power it if you have enough space.

Why we advise you to have enoughspace?!

Because they are ugly and noisy, but wind power will be a very good asset as one of its advantages is stability and much power generation,so it might be even a better investment for your money than solar.

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